Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Talk Bulletin Boards #2getherwearebetter


I am so excited to be linking up with Ashley and Angie for my first #2getherwearebetter linky party! 

At the beginning of every year I get excited about and determined to keep up with creating interactive, eye-catching, student created bulletin boards.  You know...the ones that you find on Pinterest, attempt to create and keep up with, and mid-year fail?  Happens to me every time!

I wanted to share with you a tip that has made locating my bulletin board items MUCH easier, which in turn makes me less-stressed! 

This is the storage container I use to store my bulletin board pieces/sets. This picture does not show me utilizing my own tip. 

After this picture was taken, I realized just how messy it looked and how difficult it always was to find the right bulletin board pieces. AHA! I found a solution...  
when you have completed setting up a bulletin board, take a picture of it, print the picture and use it as a 'label'!

Print a second copy your completed bulletin board and file it with your monthly units OR in a small photo file book that you can snag from the Dollar Store. Create a table of contents for easy locating!

 Head to Ashely and Angie's blogs to check out more Bulletin Board ideas/tips & tricks!!

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  1. Great tips here! I wish we still had polaroid cameras! That would make life a lot easier! :) Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    The Whimsical Teacher

  2. Great ideas! Love the idea of taking the picture. I never do that and I'm always upset when I can't remember exactly how I had it!

    The Cutesy Teacher


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