Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Perfect Setting

This past week we have been working really hard on adding details to our settings.  As you know, some kinders come to school and draw what I like to call a "Picasso piece."  They use just about every color available, overlap every line, and you have to search really hard to figure out what exactly it is they're drawing.  Usually I am way off!  
I've been using Deanna and Deedee's fantastic writing series, however, I was ready to really tackle 'settings' and needed a little something extra.
Insert Lyndsey's (from A Year of Many Firsts) adorable packet, "It was the Perfect Setting" (hence the post title) and I was set.  The packet is perfect for your kinder babies OR 'big-kid' first graders!  

I started out by introducing what a setting was and talking about it with my kiddos.  They came up with some ideas, brainstormed settings with friends, and  overall started to get it.  Then, I read the 'letter' that Lyndsey came up with to take the kids on a 'setting walk' if you will! :) 
The letter is written by a little boy named Sam and he shares with the kids pictures from all his travels.  There is an option to have the kiddos get into groups to discuss the settings and fill out a setting snapshot paper (which is perfect for first and second graders), however, I chose to take the 'walk' with my class whole group.  I showed them each a picture and we discussed, in detail, what the setting was, when it might have taken place, and listed everything we saw!  Towards the end they were really getting it.

Then, after spending about 20 minutes (where did the time go) of taking our 'setting walk' I gave them one of Lyndsey's "Draw and Write" pages from her packet.  The paper is set up with a box for their illustration with only the character included.  The kids have to complete the illustration by adding all the details for the setting.  Then, they write a story to go with the picture (we just wrote one sentence).  

I was amazed at how well my little kinder kids did!! I mean AMAZED!!!  Even my struggling babies were nailing it!  I had to hang up all their writing because they had done such a fantastic job.  They were all pretty proud of themselves!
The best part is, the next day in their journal writing, they all worked so hard to add more details to their settings on their own!  It was like magic!

(See how hard we're working...forgot to take a pic of their finished products...will add tomorrow)

With all that said, if you are looking for a fun way to get your kiddos learning about adding details to settings, you must check out Lyndsey's packet

I love a good shout out and hers is much deserved!  Now I must get ready to run some errands before tropical depression Karen decides to show up!  When is Fall going to get here (in FL)?! :/


  1. I love this!! Lyndsey is so amazing and I love that she can help so many students!

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! I'm so happy to hear it worked well with your kids!!! xoxoxo


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