Sunday, May 26, 2013

Duck Dynasty Love

I know some of you lovely ladies love some Duck Dynasty!!
Well, one of my dear friends has entered her daughter in a contest to be in a commercial for the upcoming season.
The contest is coming to an end and it's getting really close.  I need your help.
Can you PLEASE go vote for sweet and precious KyleeRay?!

{how cute are those boots and tutu?? *love*}

You are allowed one vote every 24 hours. Now I know you do not know this adorable little girl or have any reason to help her win a contest, but I do know that you must love children {or you wouldn't be teaching} and you would love to help me out, right???!!! :)  

On a completely different note.  I have been slightly MIA lately because of a really exciting new adventure that I am taking on.  
Here's a sneak peek:

YAY! Happy Memorial Day {weekend}!  Be safe!


  1. I looks like she has a lot of votes...too cute! I'm not sure I'd leave my baby with those guys though!


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