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CH 5 Daily Five K-linky party

Oh man...this might be a long one. Sorry in advance! :)  However, there is a lot of goodness from Chapter Five of the Daily Five.  Chapter 5 focuses on "Buddy Reading" {that's what I call it, rather than "read-to-someone" not sure why, I just do} and "Listen to Reading."  PLUS there are TWO bloggers who took on this chapter, so double the focus questions and I like to ramble sometimes. Sorry friends. :)

Ok.  Here we go.  First up, listen to reading.  Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten took on this portion of chapter five, so head over there after you read this post to hear what other amazing bloggers have to say!

How will you instill the importance {or urgency as the sisters call it} of 'listening to reading' in your students and especially those who have had little 'lap time' or reading done for them in their own homes.
 Well, this is simple.  I work at an extremely diverse school and not once in my two years of implementing the Daily Five did I ever have a problem with students not wanting to listen to reading.  Honestly, that was 99% of my students FAVORITE station!  I think it's the use of the technology {cd players, stereos, and computers...high tech, I know :) } that made them so eager.  It also helps that my attitude towards each part of our learning was 'excited' and 'eager for learning' and really made them 'excited and eager to learn' as well.  Your attitude towards anything in your classroom is contagious!  If you are over the moon excited about something as mundane as listening to a story being read, then they will be over the moon excited! 

 2.  What devices or strategies are you going to use to conduct listen to reading?' Will you use a community recording device with one cd and several earphones, individual cd players, tape recorders, ipod-type devices or computers?
I have three choices for my students.  They can read with another friend at a small stereo/listening center, listen on an individual cd player, or at the computer {I have two that I leave open for listening to reading}.
 This is a horrible picture and it's old, but this is where I keep my listening center books.  I now have two baskets.  The other basket contains song books.  I've created "big books" with the words to some of our favorite learning songs {from Shari Sloane and Jack Hartmann to name a few}.  The kiddos can read/sing the words as the song plays. They LOVE this station! :)

If students are listening on the computer they go to  This is such a fun site.  They get to select stories that are read by famous actors/actresses, etc...  Some of the books also are accompanied by a song which the actors sing at the end of the story.  I often hear the kids signing along with them! What I also like about this website is that it has a caption option, which my students MUST have turned on.  So they're seeing the words while hearing them.  Love it!

3.  What expectations will you have for your students during 'listen to reading' and how will you keep them on task and independent instead of needing your assistance when they can't manage 'devices?'
My expectations remain the same for my students throughout every part of our day.  I keep high standards and the students rise to that standard {most of the time, right?!} :)  This portion of the Daily Five requires a LOT of practice.  For the first couple weeks of listening to reading, I go to each student, during each rotation, to show and/or watch them get all the equipment started for listening to reading.  Some take longer to catch on than others.  Just be patient.  I also will pair up some students and if one is not sure how to operate the equipment they receive help from the other student.  It seems to work well!

6.  The sisters do not really talk about this in their book, but how do you feel about listening response sheets?  Will listening to reading be just for 'listening' or will there be follow-up work required of your students?  If there is reading response sheets, what will they look like?
This is tough.  It really depends on your class and the sweet little ones who make up that class.  It's really differentiated.  My "low" babies are not required to do a reading response sheet {at least until towards the end of the year}, while my "higher" students are.  They are not required to complete one EVERY time they listen either.  They can turn in one sheet in a week and I'm happy.  There's just not enough time for them to listen to the stories AND complete a listening response sheet {to my standards} sometimes.  So, I do not put a lot of emphasis on this, rather make it more of a "bonus" reward of such.

 Next up...Buddy Reading!!!!  I {LOVE} buddy reading! :)
Mary at Sharing Kindergarten is hosting this portion of chapter 5.  Head over link up with her and read the goods! 

Love these sweeties all into their book!

Buddy reading is such a fun part of the Daily Five and a part in which every student is excited.  It's not a good idea to let them just "go at it!"  This took lots of modeling and discussing with my students of why it's important to buddy read and how fun it can be!  
Teaching the students to sit EEKK is the most important part of buddy reading {at the beginning at least}.  If both students aren't able to see the pages how are they helping one another?  (honest question here) I found this adorable little poster that was created by Amanda from One Extra Degree {LOVE HER}. Click HERE to check it out! We recite it every morning when we are discussing what "buddy reading" looks and sounds like.  The kiddos love it too! 

My amazing parents also made these bad boys that the kiddos hold when they're doing buddy reading.  I do not make them use it each and every time, however, my sweet friends who are working on building better comprehension do use them each time they buddy read.  They're such a wonderful tool.  I wrote exactly what The Sisters wrote on theirs "I just heard you read..."
If you don't access to handymen or what not, you could easily use cardstock check-marks or  even make them out of poster board.

I just love the Daily Five and The Sisters!!!  :)

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  1. I love song books! I just started them the end of this past school year at a center. Any tips to help me go forward with this in the new school year?


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