Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our October Adventures

Is it just me or is time FLYING by?!?!  I feel like school just started yesterday, however, we're only two days away from being in November! It's crazy!

Needless to say we have been super busy.  We have been up to lots of fun activities that I've found through the wonderful blogland. Here's some of the things we've done:
After reading the above class favorite we created these reader's response skeletons!  The kiddos copied the sentence starter, "I would get rid of a skeleton's hiccups by..." They came up with some very creative ideas!
 After reading a multitude of fiction and nonfiction stories about owls, creating a KWL chart, and a tree map, we created these adorable owls and wrote informational/factual sentences.

One of my sweet firsties favorite projects so far has been the Haunted House for Sale Project that I found and purchased from Jodi over at Clutter Free Classroom.  {She also has a new writing project on Turkey-Day! Be sure to check it out!}
First, we came up with adjectives and amenities {whole group} that would be great to include in our own haunted house.  After that we created our haunted houses. Then, we were able to begin our rough draft persuasive writing. 

I love that not ONE haunted house looked the same!  So cute!!

 As we continued our unit on nocturnal animals, we began learning about spiders.  I stumbled upon this AAAHHHHHH-mazing book in our school library.  It is full of fun facts about spiders and really captures the kids attention.  My students were glued to the pictures and the facts and even begged me to read it to the a second time!  It's a must!
 Well as our final project with spiders, we made these adorable silly spiders that I snagged templates from The Polka Dot Patch!  Then we read about how to write Fairy Tales from my ALL TIME favorite writing book {featured below}.
We only read certain elements {so we could get the feel for writing nonfiction/magical stories} and then wrote our silly spider stories.

I am so excited for this week.  Monday {Halloween} we are having "Character Day." My kids are allowed to dress up as their favorite book character and have completed book reports on them!  I will be dressed as no other than Fancy Nancy...Halloween style!  Then, we will be spending our week investigating pumpkins and celebrating the 50th day of school.  Both a pumpkin investigation packet and 50 days of school unit purchased from no other than Cara over at The First Grade Parade!  I'm so excited about root beer floats and 50's music! 

Pictures of course will be posted. Hopefully, it won't take me a month to get them up this time! :)

Happy Halloween!


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