Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Man-oh-man what a busy couple weeks!  Between my limited summer vacation, working two summer jobs, revamping my room with a new theme, and preparing for another year (not to mention the hours spent blogging) time has just FLOWN by!  I wanted to share  a little bit of what I've been doing:
(note: there a TON of pictures :)

 Here is my new word wall!  This is my 'pride and joy!' I've been wanting an interactive word wall and struggled with where in my room to place it.  Since deciding on a pirate/nautical theme the banner word wall just made sense!  I'm so excited!  Below is a close up look at my awesome new word wall! :)

 Deanna Jump was my inspiration for this new job chart! Mine is a little different.  I used cardboard that I had readily available and made a some what smaller version.  I just got cute letters to write "All Hands on Deck" somewhere near the ship too!  Below is a close up (not so good...sorry) picture of how the job chart ship will work.  I printed and laminated 20 little pirates and then a map with the "job" labeled on it.  Each student in my class is assigned a number.  Under each pirate will be a number.  I will simply place the job map on the pirate when it's there turn for the job.  I hope that sounds right!
 Below is my "Sparkle" word wall of synonyms {took this idea from my amazing team leader}!  These were SOOO simple to make and they look so cute and they "sparkle" so well.  I just used my trusty glue and glitter! :) 
Two years ago I attended a kindergarten conference where Shari Sloane presented.  She had made these amazing Kindergarten Offices.  Since I moved up to first grade last year, I decided that I would make first grade offices!  I used a "freebie" of a office from Michelle Oakes at Fantastic First Grade.
 Above is a picture of the back.  

 I must say my kiddos LOVE these things!!
Below is my new Math Station area!! Another project I am BEYOND excited about! :)  On each shelves to the left and right are all my math supplies.  I am still in a kindergarten room so I have lots of extra space/storage that I can use! I also like that everything I need is right at hand.  I still have some more goodies to include in there but I think it's a great start!

Below is my new CAFE board!  Since the picture was taken I've added gold coins and stuff around the board.  The brown background is sandpaper and the border is ribbon.  I think it really makes it pop!
This is my new math wall. I wanted to keep all things math somewhat all together.  I making curtains to put on the shelves to hide all the chaos! Still has some work but it's on its way! 

 My final picture is of my amazing find at Target! I've been looking for a cute rug for my classroom and I finally found one!  For only $30 it was mine!  

Life continues to get crazy and as school is fast approaching (I go back next week), my husband is also in limbo with a job.  The economy has really taken its toll on our sweet family and I could really use all the extra prayers as he searches for a new job.  I know the power of prayer is amazing and I'm praying for some wonderful new things to come our way!

Happy new school year everyone! :)


  1. Your room looks terrific! I love your rug... what a GREAT deal!
    The Teaching Thief

  2. Your sparkle wall looks great! But the word "frigid" is spelled incorrectly. :(

  3. I LOVE your room- especially your word wall. As soon as I saw yours I started thinking about how I could make it my own. Thanks for the inspiration- your firsties are super lucky!

  4. I love your sparkle wall of synonyms! I may have to steal!! :)

  5. haha...can NOT believe I didn't catch the "frigid" mishap! oops.. will be redoing that one tomorrow.

    Thanks ladies for the sweet comments!


  6. Your room looks great and I LOVE your new rug! Of course you would find it at Target...love that store!
    Great job with your student "offices" too - they turned out so cute! Do you happen to have any templates or designs from your kindergarten teaching days?

  7. Your room looks great...and I'll say a little prayer for your husband, that totally stinks, hope you have a wonderful school year!

  8. Your room looks great!!
    Quick question though, I like how you did your word wall but is it located under your board... Like is it close to the floor? I was iffy bout putting it under my calender wall but if yours is under a board then you may be my deciding factor to go ahead and do it.

  9. Awesome room! I love your job chart, how creative!

  10. Emily...send me your email and I will get you some files that I still have saved. There are a TON of amazing kinder teachers on here also {I'm sure you know that though}!

    Marisol...The word wall is close to the floor but what I love is that the kids are able to go to the board and take a word with them (and then of course return it to it's proper place)! Interactive word walls are AMAZING tools for the kiddos to use. I'd say go for it!!! Leave the higher wall space for anchor charts and/or student's creative artwork!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I love, love, love the office idea, and I plan to steal it for this coming school year!

  12. Everything looks ready to go. I love how you displayed your word wall. I too wanted mine to be interactive so I displayed with magnetic words that are all reachable with the help of a stool.

  13. Your room looks great. It sounds like you have had a busy summer!!

  14. your room looks amazing! I really like the word shape word wall words did you purchase these or what font did you use?

  15. Love your word wall!! Would it be o.k. if I pinned a few of your pics?

    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories


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