Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practice those words!

One of the daily tasks that should be included during 'homework time' is the practice of the High Frequency Sight Words (HFW for short). It doesn't take a long time to practice the words; in fact, spending about 2–3 minutes several times a day is MUCH better than sitting and practicing them straight for ten or twenty! Here are some simple ideas that will help your child learn his/her words.

  1. Make an extra set of flash cards. Download the template for the words your child needs and make that extra set.
  2. Test your child. Separate the cards into two piles: the ones that are known and those that are NOT known. Only have your child practice the words that are NOT known.
  3. Write the words on Post-it notes. Put the notes in the bathroom. Whenever it is bath time, go over the words.
  4. Make a set of the cards of the NOT known words and put them on the car seat back in front of your child. As you are driving, the words are staring at your child's face! You can ask him/her to read them to you.
  5. Carry a set in your purse (if you carry a purse). When you have to wait in line at the grocery store/bank/restaurant/etc. take the cards out and review.
  6. Buy some soap crayons and write the words in the bathtub. Have your child read them to you during bath time.
It doesn't take much!

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